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The combination of the
CA125 + HE4 tests stratified
89% of all epithelial ovarian
cancers as high risk and
75% of all benign diseases
as low risk.

HE4 is a novel serum biomarker that, when combined with CA125, significantly raises the level of sensitivity for the detection of ovarian cancer. It is an 11kDa protein that is a precursor to the epidiymal secretory protein E4 and is over expressed in ovarian carcinoma. Normal ovarian tissue has minimal gene expression and production of HE4.

HE4 is consistently expressed in patients with ovarian cancer and has demonstrated an increased sensitivity and specificity over that of CA125 alone. In a recent study, HE4 and other tumor markers were evaluated in patients with ovarian cancer. Results showed that HE4 had the highest sensitivity as a single marker, and when HE4 and CA125 are combined the sensitivity is greater than either marker alone.9

In addition, HE4 also is an accurate marker for monitoring of disease status in women with invasive epithelial ovarian cancer using serial testing. 75% of patient samples with no change in HE4 value correlated with no progression of disease and 78.7% of ovarian cancers evaluated were above the 150pM reference value.

CA125 and HE4 were further evaluated in combination to determine the risk of malignancy in women presenting with a pelvic mass. The combination of the CA125+HE4 tests stratified 89% of all epithelial ovarian cancers and low malignant potential tumors as high risk and 75% of all benign disease as low risk.

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