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Using CA125 and HE4 to Monitor Ovarian Cancer

CA125™ is the current gold-standard test for the management of ovarian cancer and is used to monitor patients for recurrence of cancer and measure their response to therapy. CA125 is a simple blood test that identifies whether there are elevated levels of a protein in your blood.An elevated CA125 is related to the presence of cancer cells.10

As valuable as CA125 has proven to be for monitoring patients with ovarian cancer, CA125 is not elevated in 10-20% of women with ovarian cancer and does not increase with increasing tumor burden. In addition, CA125 concentrations can be elevated in noncancerous conditions, such as menstruation, endometriosis, pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and benign ovarian cysts. Therefore, CA125 is only one part of a regimen of diagnostic tools used to monitor the presence of cancer.

For these reasons we have developed the HE4 assay to be used as an alternative to CA125. The HE4 assay may provide clinically useful data in ovarian cancer patients where CA125 is not a useful tool.

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