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HE4 is a novel serum biomarker that was recently found to significantly increase the sensitivity of CA125 for the detection of ovarian cancer in women with a pelvic mass. It is consistently expressed in patients with ovarian cancer and has demonstrated an increased sensitivity and specificity over that of CA125 alone.

HE4 (Human Epidedymal Secretory Protein4) is a 20-25 kDa secretory protein and consists of an approximate 13kDa protein core. The epididymal secretory protein E4 is overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma. Normal ovarian tissue has minimal gene expression and production of HE4. Separately, an analysis of serum obtained from patients with benign ovarian tumors demonstrated that HE4 had a sensitivity of 67% and a specificity of 96%9.

In this study, various tumor markers were evaluated, and HE4 had the highest sensitivity as a single marker. When combined with CA125, the sensitivity increased to an even greater degree than either marker alone.9

When examining ovarian cancer patients with normal serum CA125 levels, HE4 levels were found to be elevated in over half of them. Conversely, when examining patients with benign tumors who had elevated CA125 levels, HE4 levels were not as frequently elevated. These findings may explain the complementary nature of HE4 with CA125, increasing the sensitivity over either tumor marker alone.

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